Amman - Athens 16.06.2010

"Distance is not the measure of remoteness." St Exupéry.

So close, but so far altogether !

Amman, Jordan, Tuesday 0515 in the morning shock, After Israel, it’s Syria time to refuse us overfly of its territory, we’ll go nowhere today, maybe we’ll go nowhere at all… Our last hope is Egypt. Michelle from Flight Permits is already working on it, she knows as well as we do that a negative answer would mean a premature and abrupt end to Azimut270 project. So close to the goal we can’t accept this idea but it’s very difficult to control negative thoughts during this never ending waiting day. 1530, an e-mail, 2 lines are delivering us, we read and read again just to be sure, Egypt is granting us overfly ! Big joy and relief !!

We depart Amman early next morning heading toward the Red Sea to circumnavigate Israel, after 1 hour 40 going South we can finally head to Athens. Winds aren’t helping us today, so does the ATC, it will take us ten hours and a half and few dreads before touching Earth…

We are back in Europe !!


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