Special thanks

AZIMUT270 would not have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors, supporter members, sympathizing members and each person having helped us a way or another.. Yannick Bovier and Francisco Agullo would like to cordially thanks those persons and companies for having accepted to associate their names to the spirit of this great aeronauical and human adventure.

Our Sponsors

Flight Design

Flight Design

Flight Design is the world market leader of LSA aircrafts. The German manufacturer with its sales and administration offices based in Nabern near city of Stuttgart in Southern Germany produces since over 22 years sport aviation equipment. More than 1300 CT’s aircraft have been built and are flying since 1997. Flight Design and the CT (“composite technologies”) have been proven as reliable partners for professional XC tours.



Aerotec is a maintenance and support company based at Grenchen regional airport (SO). Aerotec is the exclusive sales partner for the CTSW Ecolight and CTLS Light Sport in Switzerland.

SETE Aviation

SETE Aviation

SETE Aviation is a Geneva based asset management organisation which specializes in aviation related activities for and on behalf of an International Group.



Breitling is a world apart, dedicated to performance, to daring exploits and to new horizons.
A legend that has shared the finest hours in aviation history.
Breitling is a range of instruments for professionals with chronographs that meet the highest criteria of sturdiness and functionality, all fully chronometer-certified by the COSC – the ultimate token of precision.

Aero-Club of Switzerland

Aero-Club of Switzerland

The Aero-Club of Switzerland is the national aeronautic federation. Its goal is to promote aeronautics in all fields and defend with special emphasis the interests of general and sports aviation. The Aero-Club of Switzerland is a member of the World Air Sports Federation.

Pro Aero

Pro Aero

Pro Aero is a Swiss Foundation created in 1938 on the initiative of the Aero-Club of Switzerland and with the support of the Federal Office for Civil Aviation. Its goal is to promote air navigation particularly among young people and in air sport activities.



PrivatAir is a comprehensive aviation group with four divisions : Private Charter for VIPs and executives, Private Airline Services, Ground Services, Aircraft Sales & Management, delivering service excellence both in the air and on the ground - a combination that makes PrivatAir uniquely positioned to cover all the needs of the aviation business and the most demanding of travellers.

Privilège Immobilier  

Privilège transactions immobilière is a real estate agency established on the so call region la Côte for more than twenty years, this agency has the benfit of a very large network that allows each of its customers to access to thier demand and fine the best solution for thier needs.


Procomposite is a company based at Eggersdorf airfield east of Berlin. Technical support and training, worldwide composite repairs and the development of custom parts for Flight Design aircrafts makes them a partners with a wide range of capabilities.

Tru Trak Flight Systems

TruTrak Flight Systems is the industry standard for autopilots in Light Sport and Experimental Aircraft.   The Springdale, Arkansas based company was built on customer service and support, and offers a complete line of Autopilots, EFIS, and EMS.

Dynon Avionics

Dynon Avionics

Dynon Avionics is the avionics leader for Light Sport and Experimental Aircraft. The Seattle based company designs, manufactures and distributes a growing line of affordable glass cockpit instruments, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to create modern products with an emphasis on lowering prices and enhancing reliability.


Franz Aircraft Engines Vertieb GmbH

Franz Aircraft Engines Vertrieb GmbH is the distributor of the Rotax engines for Switzerland and Germany.



Klorofile is a web site creation's agency based in Annecy (France). Creation of dynamic and e-commerce web site.

Aéro-club Valais

Aéro-Club Valais

The Aéro-Club Valais is the regional association of the Aero-Club of Switzerland which counts more than 600 members. Founded in 1934, its goal is to promote the development of aviation in the Valais.

Vol à Voile Club Valais

Vol à Voile Club Valais

The Vol à Voile Club Valais own a modern fleet of gliders and its flying school which insure a good quality of training by motivated and experienced instructors. The club operates from Sion airport from March to September. Several two-seater gliders are available to enjoy a senic flight or take you first flying lesson.


Copytec SA

Copytec SA is a Geneva based company specialised in numerical printing for private person or large companies.


Makila are the production company who produced the video for the Azimut270 project. Based in Sion, Makila additionally continue to produce the aviation magazine programme 'MAKILA' for Regional Television channels in Switzerland.

Immoval SA

Immoval SA in Sion is a company which combines experience and customer service since more than 35 years. Active in constructing family house, Swiss chalet and small building in a construction management style. Its architectural department allows customer to personalize their project.

EVVA oil

EVVA oil is a company based in Margarethen/Moos, Austria and among other oil products  the exclusive distributor for the C 52 series of aviation oils, especially developed and recommended by ROTAX® for engine types 912 and 914 (series) for use with unleaded fuel or MOGAS and leaded AVGAS as well. C52 allows a TBO of 2000 hours for naturally-aspirated engines and turbocharged engines.


Issam Rezgui

Issam is a talented young graphic designer who has created Azimut270's logo.


Socatec your best choice for a comprehensive range of commercial,military and historical aircraft  models in scales from 1/1000th to 1/25th.
Supplying the aerospace industry and collectors for more than 20 years. Custom models on request.

Sponsors and thanks for 30 April and 19 June events :

Entreprise Fardel & Délèze
City of Sion
Airport of Sion and its firefighters
Heli Alps
Provins Valais
Alpine Jet Service
Eagle Helicopter
A. Emery SA

Thanks to the organisation’s committee : Dominique Délèze, Alexandre Crettenand, Fabien Ribordy, Frédéric De Preux.

Thanks to all the voluntaries  who have worked during those unforgetable two days.

Thanks to the photographers for the arrival pictures : Raphaël Jeanneret, Gaël Plantier, Massimo Prati, Hansjoerg Buergi, Grégory Clivaz, Alain Pitteloud, Damien Courtine, Pascal Ryser, Pierre Zen Ruffinen, François Mabillard, Igor Schuepbach.

Thanks to Alec Beney and Carole Bovier Ryser for the IT support.

Thanks to MétéoSuisse and Mr. Pierre Eckert for the fantastic weather support.

Thanks to the numerous people following us on azimut270.ch (more than 75'000 visits and 700 messages in 2 months)

Thanks to our families, friends and each person having participated to this adventure in a way or another !!

Our Supporter Members


Our Sympathizing Members

Agullo Céline
Arnal Jacques
Association France DC3
Beney Alec
Bourdin Lucien
Bovier Charly
Bovier Josiane
Bovier Mélanie
Bovier Ryser Carole
Bregy Stephan
Burgauer Peter
Chiari Gaggia Alvise and Family
Development RBD SA
Entreprise Fardel, Délèze & Fils SA
Epiney Stéphane
Eve Roy
Fluri Max
Fontannaz Philippe
Frei Ernst
Gafner Kurt
GD Climat SA
Gillioz Vincent
Groupe Hélico Sion
Jendly Marc
Lorenz Hubert
Mabillard Francois
Maeglin-Frei Margrit
Maeglin-Frei Peter
Manzoni Peter
Maunoir Henri-Louis
Maurer Françoise
Mooser Denise
Morand Blaise
Morgenthaler Urs
Pasche Cédric
Plantier Gaël
Pralong David
Pralong Gérard
Ryser Pascal
Schüpbach Igor
Théodoloz Cary
Tornay Charles-Albert
Zen Ruffinen Laurent
Zitzer Paul


Agullo Francisco Sr.
Agullo Monica
Agullo Pilar
Agullo Ferreiro Izan
Beney Frank
Berclaz Paul
Boucherie Patrick Gay
Bouleau Robert
Bourrecoud Aimé
Bujard Deutsch Anne
Challande Pascal
Crettenand Alexandre
Da Ros Robert
Danalet Patrick
De Morsier Laurent
De Preux Axel
De Preux Frédéric
Emch Michaela
Favre David
Fernandez Pascucci Catalina
Ferreiro Casas Jesus
Follonier Christophe
Genolet David
Genolet-Leubin Christine
Germanier Madeleine
Germanier Urbain
Guignard Gilbert
Hemmeler Geneviève
Herren Anton
Huber Richard
Kehrli Nathalie
Kolter Corinne
Pannatier Francois
Pellissier Laetitia
Pellissier Vincent
Pouly Eric
Pralong Liliane
Prontera Paolo
Renevey Michel
Rey Olivier
Rittiner Christian
Rohr André
Rohr Pierre
Schwander Bernard
Sprint Copy
Summerer Eric
Tschopp Max
Vocat Julien
Willener Chantal
Willener Charly



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