Cayenne - Pointe-à-Pitre 10.05.2010

Octobre 1909, René Grandjean completes his first flying machine. The ground tests starts in February 1910 at l’Estivage ground in Avenches, and, what is recognized today as being the starting point of the Swiss aviation, will happen shortly thereafter. 10th of May 1910, Ernest Failloubaz is at the controls, he taxies, takes speed, takes off, flies and lands smoothly. This is the first flight in Switzerland of an aircraft built and flown by Swiss Citizen !!

In the cab bringing us to the airport under the rain, we think about what our Swiss pionneers have accomplished  hundread year ago day to day and how lucky we are to be able, through Azimut270, to pay a tribute to them and participate our own way to the duty of memory, I invite you to read through the biography of section 1910 to discover the fabulous stories of those legendary men.

This anniversary day was not an easy one for us, a difficult departure, re-routing, storms to avoid, 9 hours flight and a small leak found after landing in Guadeloupe on my fuel pump. Our next beach day will therefore be a working day to organize a pump change. We thought Azimut270 would not be vacation, so far we are right !


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