Pointe--Pitre - Providentiales 12.05.2010

Finally some good weather conditions, what a change! After taking off from the Guadeloupe, we set course towards St.Croix and Puerto Rico. We will fly north of the Dominican Republic on a direct course to Providenciales (Turk & Caicos) , our final destination today. The flight time is only 6 hours… it’s Holiday time !

In the cockpit of our CTLS, we take time to relax, listen to music and of course we give regular position reports to the ATC controllers.
Looking trough the big Windows of our CTLS we see a lot of water below us… A known picture already but we need to get use to it for the next 6 weeks to come… As soon as we land in the Turk & Caicos, we start preparing the next flight to Miami.. We need to submit some documents to the immigration before we can enter US territory.
We look forward to see again our friends in Miami : Carlos, Marc, Frank and Roger will be there to meet us. The teams of Premier Aviation, Lockwood aviation, Florida Air Transport and Miami Executive will also be present for our arrival in the USA.

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