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Gerard Pearson

Congratulations again__the goal is in sight. You both personify some of the best of traits in aviators worldwide !! Are you going to Oshkosh this year? If so, hope to meet you both.

caro dessimoz

et bien dis donc, quel parcours de dingue !
bientôt au bout alors d'ici là bonne continuation et gros becs du Valais ensoleillé

Jeff Campbell

congratulations on your historic flight. I am now the proud owner of a CTLS and have logged 35hrs in it. Thanks for sharing this great trip with all of us through your logs, photos, etc.
Where is the auxillary fuel tank positioned?

Diettrich Peter

Hallo you brave flyers, I hope to read in the future more of the technical details of of your gigantic tour du monde. Details like how you kept contact with each other in poor visibility or how you had your planes equiped for a possible ditching. There are so many questions and so few answers. I hope that the remaining "few" flight hours back to Sion will be more relaxing than than it possibly was up to now. My thoughts are with you and your little Moscitos. Clear skies and happy landings.



Antoine de Saint-Exupéry a dit :

"La perfection est atteinte non quand il ne reste rien à ajouter, mais quand il ne reste rien à enlever."

... et là, il ne reste vraiment rien à enlever !!!

Soyez prudent pour la suite...

Helmuth Lehner

Hallo Yannik and Francisco!
I am following your trip every day and would like to congratulate you both to that outstanding performance you did so long.
When you finish your journey next saturday you will cross Austria on your flight from Zagreb to Sion. We have a Dynamic microlight meeting on Friday and Saturday in Kapfenberg LOGK. If it is possible to make a short stop there we invite you for a good cold austrian beer and barbecue.
Hope to see you and all the best for the rest of your flight

jacques arnal

Voilà le plus dur est derrière vous ! Je ne me laase pas de regarder ce fil rouge qui s'allonge à chaque connexion et qui nous fair rêver ! Que de moments épiques vous allez nous conter ! Je me réjouis de vous savoir si près du but. Amitiés.

André Goepfert

Salut Francisco et Yannick,

Congratulations to both of you, tremendous achievement so far. Considering the distance behind you......Welcome home voyagers.

Good luck for the remaining.... few miles, see you in Sion.


Josiane Bovier

Les mots ne suffisent plus; il n'y a que l'émotion et l'élan du coeur qu'on puisse vous offrir. Ce que vous faites est fabuleux!

Charles Willener

Hallucinant, fantastique et malgrès les tracasseries administratives et les longues routes, toujours le sourire encore bravo.

Srinivas Nyayapathi

Yannik & Francisco,

Great Job......Now OOMS. WOW!!!

VTSP to VANP & VANP to OOMS, I have always dread to fly.... But you both made it seam so easy..... Thanks for that.

I am surprised that you did both this flying without a break...... When you get back you will definitely need a huge break with lots of beer (Kingfisher or any other). I am glad you enjoyed the beer in India atlest.

All the best, Rest of the flying from OOMS to your home should be a as cool as a light summer breeze....

Happy landings.....


bert zeller

Good to see you guys are moving right along. we have been watching from meridian, MS USA. The A-4 guys.

rusty eichorn

congrats on your trip success so far! its a relatively short hop home to the finish line. Here I sit thinking 100 miles is a long way to go in my super cub! rusty eichorn

Alain imhof

le plus du n'ai pas de charger la remorque du velomoteur,mais dariver sancassé bon vols modeliste Corinne Yannis Annouk à la piste des jeunes a APROZ

Pascal Gerbel

Salut a vous deux. quel périple...je vous suis de depuis le Québec avec beaucoup d'attention. Je vois que mes petits problèmes de givrage clair sur mon Navajo ne sont que bagatelles...bonne chance et un immnse bravo.

Marie-Claude zen ruffinen

bravo Yannick et Fransisco
je me connecte à l'instant et vois que vous avez effectivement parcouru déjà 40 000 km. C'est le tour de notre planète bleue en ligne droite, je crois. A voir vos photos tout au long de votre odyssée, elle doit vous paraître encore plus bleue qu'avant votre départ.
Vous êtes vraiment fantastiques. Quelle aventure prodigieuse. Merci de nous faire partager ce tour du monde

Vincent Gillioz

Fabuleux de constater tout le chemin déjà parcouru.
En vous lisant, je me rends bien compte que si l'expérience est fabuleuse, c'est loin d'être des vacances.
Je me réjouis de vous revoir pour entendre de vive voix le récit de vos aventures.

Victor Villagracia

Francisco, Yannick,

TRULY REMARKABLE! We are all following your adventure, marveling at your stamina, and very rational demeanor.

What an inspiration to young people and to pilots like us.

Here's to your safe journey back home!


Cary Théodoloz

Salut les troubadours des airs.
Ce que vous réalisez est grandiose.Vous me faites rèver tous les jours.Wacht out, Saudi Arabia skies are hot and bumpy,..and no beers are aloud... Have a safe trip back home. Cary

Claudius Klimt

Yannick, Francisco

Thank you for your wonderful and timely reports. It is fantastic to follow every day and dream with you. Surely keeping up the web updates is the last thing you want to do after flying 14 hrs and then negotiating with bureaucrats for hours. But for those of us who follow your dream it is greatly appreciated.
Hopefully you will write a book detailing your adventure. I will be the first in line to buy it.
Also maybe you will come to Oshkosh sometime and present a lecture to all of your followers. I will be there also.

Good luck for the rest of the trip.


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