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Simon Deslarzes

Bravo à vous deux ! Parcours sans faute jusqu'à maintenant. Je vous souhaite une excellente traversée de l'Atlantique.

Bernie Heitz

Good Luck and good weather. I have 10,000 hrs flying time and would not be brave enough to what you are doing. If you hit weather over USA and need to land at IMS,give me a call and I will put up over night feed you and give you a copy of my friend's book "Two Pilots One Engine" that flew the same route in 1986 with no GPS. Bernie Heitz ph 812 273 4284 Madison IN

Francisco Faria

My best wishes to both of you, am a fellow pilot from Portugal but living in Calgary, Canada since 1974, I fly my 172SP C-FARC as often as I can and dream of doing a trip around the world.
Boa Viagem e Boa Sorte

edouard Niermans

Bravo à tous les deux et bonne chance pour la traversée je vous souhaite beaucoup de plaisir et de belles rencontres
pour ma part je prépare également un transatlantique mais avec une machine plus performante, un mooney ovation.
Bon Vent

ariane de preux

Hello, tous les 2 preux pensent beaucoup à vous. On imagine les magnifiques paysages que vous traversez. profitez à fond de cette expérience. On vous suit à la trace. Camille, Audrey, Ariane et Fred

charles peterson

Smooth flight are our wishes from the Sport pilots in Puerto Rico. sad you guys can not stop by.

My the Wind get you to your final destination on time.

Willy Stotzer

Hey Jungs
Ich wünsche Euch viel Sonnenschein und gutes Wetter für den BIG JUMP nach Brazil.
Der DC-3 Flug nach Lahr ist im "Trockenen"
Häbet sorg und best regards

Juan Galan

You are great...I wish you the best for this epic adventure...I wish I can be there with you...my spirit is!

Tom Andrew

I'll be watching for you as you fly over Southern California. Fly safe.

Jon Hyams

Bonjour, je voulais vous féliciter, vous les gars, sur votre voyage autour du monde. C'est génial. Bon voyage agréable et sûr. En passant, la meilleure chanson jamais au début de la vidéo dans la page multimédia (:

Sincères salutations et bonne chance, Jon.

alex coigny

Hello les Amis,

Vous voilà à la veille d'une des toutes grandes étapes de votre voyage, je voulais vous souhaiter tout de bon pour l'Atlantique et me réjouis d'avoir de vos nouvelles à Do Brasil

Bon Vol


Diettrich Peter

Congratulations for the successful termination of your leg from Rabat to Dakkar. And of course lots of luck and a bag full of tailwind for the atlantic crossing.

Regards. Peter

Milocho y Alicia Fernandez

Bravo Francisco!!!
Tous nos encouragements pour cette aventure.
On pense a toi tout au long de ce voyage.

Have a nice flight!!!


Carlos Gomez

Good luck Francisco and Yannick! Its aways nice to see an adventure getting started.I will be waiting for you in Miami.

laurence Lugon Moulin

Coucou Yannick

Profite bien de cette merveilleuse aventure!!! que tout se passe pour le mieux... Bisous

Mark Zieg

I see that you are landing in San Sal, BHS. This is one of my favorite places in the world!!!
It's where Columbus first set foot on the Americas.
Be advised, there is no avgas on the island. You will need to go over to north eleuthera, on long island. I am sure you've covered all of these possibilities. Just wanted to share what I know about flying into SS.

All the best! You guys are super great.
Mark Zieg

Béatrice M.

Eh Yannik!

Quelle surprise!

Quelle belle et folle aventure... bien du plaisir durant vos prochaines découvertes!

Bon vol à tous les deux.


Regev Micha

Dear colleagues
You are really brave pilots. I hope you will succeed to cross all challenges you will face during your trip.
I can really appreciate what you doing, last year my friend Haim and I flew from Israel to Spain and back, with a Tyfun motor glider 3600 Km one way. This was a great trip takes one month include navigation competition in Castelon De La Plana and weather and technical problems.
Wish you all the best.
Safe landings

Joao Oliveira

I am a ULM Portuguese Pilot. I have a Skyranger and your azimut270 is a great, great thing.
Keep going. My heart is with you all.

Best Regards
Joao Oliveira

Randy McKnight

Godspeed on your awesome adventure from a 1,000 hour private pilot in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I will follow you online during your historic trip! What a shame Atlanta, Georgia is not one of your stops in the United States.

May God Bless you and keep you safe on your Journey!

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