Bergamo - Rarogne - Sion 18 and 19.06.2010

The challenge was enormous… One has to imagine how do, at the scale of our planet, our two mosquitos of 100 horsepower and 350 kilos empty weight flying across continents and oceans at bird’s height looks. Are we a little mad, Is it reasonable ? I asked myself several time this question during our round the world flight. One of several definition of madness is : "an infatuation, a passion, a strong propensity for something". Azimut270 has been precisely that : a passion for aviation and a strong propensity for adventure !

In this project and in life generally, the line between success and failure is often very thin, only a little something can make you fall one side or the other. We have experienced it several time during those 2 months, many "miracles" happened for us to be back today. But we are here ! Some call it luck, other destiny, Bertrand Piccard during his round the world balloon flight felt guided by an invisible hand… I also experienced the strange feeling of having been guided, protected and helped during this aerial odyssey. Paulo Coelho say : "When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." We should believe it is true, but we sure mustn’t neglect the power of the will.

Our biggest victory is not to have accomplished our dream but to have made, with this flight, other people dream and to have brought them something, an inspiration, an idea, a reflexion, a will to take action, to surpass oneself, the proof it is possible.

How to find the correct words to conclude such an adventure… I will only paraphrase Pierre-Georges Latécoère :

You have done all calculation again, your idea is unrealizable, there is only one thing left for you to do : realize it !

The adventure goes on !!


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