Nagpur - Muscat 10.06.2010

"Flying is not the point. The aeroplane is a means, not an end. It is not for the plane that we risk our lives. Nor is it for the sake of his plough that the farmer ploughs. But through the plane we can leave the cities and their accountants, and find a truth that farmers know. We do a man’s work and we have a man’s worries. We are in contact with the wind, with the stars, with the night, with the sand, with the sea. We try to outwit the forces of nature. We wait for dawn as a gardener waits for spring. We wait for the next port of call as a promised land, and we seek our truth in the stars." St Exupéry.

The aeroplane, let’s speak about it ! After each flight the same reaction and question when doing some (painful) steps on the tarmac and around our CTLS, how is it possible ? How is it possible that our little mosquito of 100 horse power and 350 kg empty weight have brought us so far already, endure such payload, fly in such condition ? It is absolutely unbelievable… Céline and Dreamcatcher have become a lot more than aircraft !

Our stay in India went relatively well, few last minutes surprises if it is in the morning, 15 minutes before start up when our handling agent calmly informs us that the flight plan accepted the day before is now refused, part of the route being off airways. Follows numerous phone call and negotiations with Nagpur and Mumbai control center, a new flight plan has to be submitted and will be accepted an hour later, we can finally takeoff at 07h10, it’s already 33 degrees outside ! We land in Muscat eleven hours thirty and some outwits later !

40’000 kilometers flown, 5’000 to go ! Road is still long and the forecast of arrival day in Sion (LSGS) as unpredictable as this round the world flight, nevertheless we have good hope to make it Saturday 19th of June in the afternoon. We look forward to see you there and share a good glass of local beverage !


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